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Urban Jigga is the future of African Fashion & Creative Industry

Miles Aidoo Taylor poupularly know ad Urban Jigga or Jigga by peers is the founder of FAMÖUS formerly known as Broke & Famous a brand which the young Ghanaian founded in 2018 while he had a dollar and the dream and it quickly transitioned into FAMÖUS a well established clothing brand curated in the heart of Accra, Ghana.

The brand seeks to focus on bold designs and prints with eye-catching graphics and styles on creating subtly unique designs that can be consumed by consumers.

The entire design system of the brand is centered around futuristic and self relating ideas.
FAMÖUS produces streetwear with luxury standards garments and accessories that tell their own stories with pride.

The brand also seeks to provide young people with an outlet to express themselves creatively and help build a gab between their reality and their aspirations.
FAMÖUS aspire to continue designing and creating new ideas for the younger generation that is not only influenced by the designers but they are in fact becoming idols in their own right

You can find pieces of FAMÖUS on our website and on their own here